Bettman finally busted?

Elliotte Friedman over at CBC Sports alluded to no one’s favorite mental midget being on his last short leg as negotiations collapsed this past week. According to Friedman, Yo-yo man better start practicing to play a stand-up cello. - a site dedicated to getting rid of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman - is for sale. Click here. From Friedman we get “All of this is why there is no way Bettman is ever going to be able to present the Stanley Cup once again.” Apparently several owners have had enough of the ceaseless spurts and stops in the CBA negotiations and don’t blame Don Fehr for all the acrimony. Shorty showed up at the podium the other night after negotiations broke down with his panties all in a wad and spewed venom about the process. When a reporter mentioned the lack of trust between the league and the PA, our little Napoleon responded with “I don’t understand what that word means”. Of course he doesn’t! He’s a lawyer! (Note how close lawyer sounds like liar.)

The fact is Ding-dong doesn’t trust anybody taller than him. Especially someone a lot taller; like Donald Fehr. While Stern’s former lackey distrusts the PA, one can only suspect he’s scared to death of a big man in the room. When the players asked for their union head to join them as they believed a deal was close, the league responded with a “no-way Jose” . According to the Jets’ defenseman Ron Hainsey “the inclusion of Fehr was a deal-breaker”. Remember – Lawyer! This idea of bringing players in to negotiate with the business owners was numb-nuts. One can only think that shit-for-brains’ scheme of overwhelming the attending players with owners who are experienced negotiators would wind up with a favorable conclusion for the league (or at least what’s left of it). Whoops, the players want to bring in Fehr to see if they’re looking at an equitable solution and BAM!!!, that’s the deal breaker?

The dwarfed dolt then instructed his former less-than-competent disciplinarian to leave a voice mail on Steve Fehr’s phone. Voice mail! The vertically challenged nincompoop can’t even speak to Fehr on the phone! “Just call and leave a message for his brother” speaks volumes about the nutty gnome’s inability to personally interact with people. And… why these negotiations will be the dumbo shrimp’s last. Owners and players are tired of his failure to get a new CBA in place, again.

If Friedman’s prediction comes to fruition, maybe we’ll all get to see hockey for more than a few season’s in a row without the worthless little (insert your favorite expletive here).


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“… he’s an idiot”

Detroit Red Wings’ defenseman Ian White had the following to say about Gary Bettman late last week:

“I gotta be honest: I personally think he’s an idiot. Since he’s come in, I think he’s done nothing but damage the game.” - a site dedicated to getting rid of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman - is for sale. Click here.
You can read more about what White had to say here.

Needless to say, Ian White is now our favorite NHL player!! It’s time for other players and those who have a brain to speak up and out!!!!

F Bettman!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Enough said…

Even though it was yesterday, we thought this was very appropriate:

Today would have been opening day for the NHL. Fire Bettman!!!


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No Hockey on the Horizon – Send Bettman an E-mail!

It’s official, the NHL has canceled the first two weeks of the 2012-2013 season. According to deputy commish Bil Daly, “We were extremely disappointed to have to make today’s announcement,” Daly said. - a site dedicated to getting rid of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman - is for sale. Click here.“The game deserves better, the fans deserve better and the people who derive income from their connection to the NHL deserve better.” Typical commissioner BS… all smooth talk, and no actions that support the talk. If they really cared about the league, the fans, businesses and people who make their living off the NHL, and the owners, then the NHL season would be starting on October 11th, as originally planned.

Bettman claims time after time that the league has been more profitable year after year since the last CBA, and that the league has never been healthier. So what, the owners want even more money then? Or does Bettman see a problem in the future in the markets where he and the NHL placed teams that never should have had teams in the first place? If the latter is the case, the players are not the ones who should suffer and have to make concessions. The Mental Midget and the NHL should own up to their mistakes and pull teams out of non-hockey markets, and put them in places where an NHL franchise would thrive and benefit the rest of the league. It has been simple lack of leadership, vision and management on Bettman and the NHL’s part. The players, their salaries, and their demands in the CBA are not to blame for this lockout.

The NHL needs a real leader: one who doesn’t cancel a season or parts of a season three times during his tenure as commissioner, one who doesn’t place teams in non-hockey markets, one who doesn’t continue to support failing teams in these markets, one who doesn’t allow stupid new rules to be put in place every year, one who doesn’t allow head hunting to continue, one who will admit when he’s wrong, one who actually cares about the players, one who actually cares about the fans, and most importantly, WE NEED A COMMISSIONER WHO TRULY CARES ABOUT HOCKEY. Bettman’s #1 priority has been to make the millionaire/billionaire owners richer, and look where that has gotten the league. Reminder: three lockouts under Buttman’s reign!!!

So what will all of you fans do with your free time while the lockout is going on? We recommend that you take that time to send multiple e-mails to Gary Bettman, and tell him what you think about the lockout and why you think he is the worst commissioner ever in professional sports. Gary Bettman’s e-mail address is Maybe that will help light a fire in him, and hopefully help save the 2012-2013 season!! Do it, for the love of the game!!!!


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A New Deal? - a site dedicated to getting rid of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman - is for sale. Click here.On Tuesday, our favorite mental midget and the NHL put forth a revised proposal for the NHLPA (players’ association). While details weren’t officially released, it is said that the new proposal increases the players’ revenue sharing from the earlier proposed 43 percent, to 51.6 percent in the first year, and then slowly declines each year after that. Furthermore, no rollbacks on existing contracts would have to take place. The salary cap would start off at $58 million in 2012-2013, and could increase up to $71 million in 2017-2018, as it would be a six year deal.

There’s no word about whether or not any other details from this recent proposal… specifically, if limiting player / team contracts to 5 years, not allowing a player to become an unrestricted free agent until he has played in the league for 10 years, etc … are still part of it. We’re sure things like this, that might seem minor, will be large negotiation points moving forward.

Buttman and Donald Fehr – the NHLPA’s executive director – are scheduled to meet again today, August 29th. We’ll see what happens.

We like user RedCent’s idea and comment on our previous post… “the players accept the 47 % revenue sharing on the condition that Bettman step down immediately”. Amen.

Here’s hoping to a Bettman-less 2012-2013 season!!!


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Gary Bettman and Friends Get More, While Others Get Less - a site dedicated to getting rid of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman - is for sale. Click here.Well, it looks like another NHL season might be lost in 2012-2013 under the reign of the mighty midget, Gary Bettman.

The CBA is up for re-negotiation this year, and the team owners and the NHLPA (players’ association) can’t get on the same page, to say the least. The NHL owners want to roll back players’ salaries by 24 percent, drop their revenue sharing amount from 57 to 46 percent, limit player / team contracts to 5 years, not allow a player to become an unrestricted free agent until he has played in the league for 10 years, and there are a number of other issues to be worked out. The NHLPA presented an alternative offer to the NHL that they viewed as a compromise, that would maintain strong economic health among the NHL and its teams… and yet again, the NHL and Gary Bettman would not meet them half way.

At this point in time, Don Fehr – the head of the players’ association – and little shit for brains Gary Bettman are scheduled to meet again next Wednesday. And the deadline for negotiations is September 15th. If an agreement isn’t met by then, there will be a lockout in the 2012-2013 season. For how long, we don’t know. But we do know that this will be the THIRD lockout under Gary Bettman’s reign. And get this… Buttman’s salary and compensation last year was close to $8 million… more than double what it was before the 2004-2005 lockout!!!! And he wants players to take a cut. Unbelievable. Obviously he doesn’t walk the talk.

Bettman’s ego has gotten ahold of him, and once again the almighty dollar is ruling his brain… he is prepared to enter into a third war with the NHLPA and ruin another season of hockey for all of the dedicated, die-hard fans out there. And furthermore, hurt local economies acros North America. What happens to your favorite hockey bar during a lockout season, and its workers???! Not good. All of this, just so that fat cat owners behind their executive desks can have a few more million dollars in their bank account, allowing them to sip a few more martinis every day, own a couple more houses, maybe another plane, and add that 1950s Ferrari to their collection of 50 automobiles.

If a lockout happens in the 2012-2013 season, it will definitely be at the top of our top ten list of reasons why Gary Bettman should be fired. We should probably update that list… there are probably a million wonderful reasons to fire him at this point.

Bettman, get your head out of the owners’ asses (or pockets) and give players and fans what they want… another great season of the best sport on earth.


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Idiot of the Day…

Check out this article today in the Detroit media:

Dude, get a clue! How ignorant can you be? You couldn’t take one second to do a Google search on Gary Bettman and find our wonderful site, and the million reasons why true hockey fans hate him and what he’s done to our once awesome game.

And here’s the video of Bettman getting booed during the presentation of The Cup after Wednesday night’s game:


And here are some latest comments from some of our dedicated readers, and Bettman loathers:

You are a waste of time, welcome to the new generation of accountability. You
have taken none.
You run the worst league in the world, and that is why you will never make it
further in the states.

I am appalled at the quality of the officiating in the Canuck / Bruin Cup final
. And I may be bias being a Canuck fan but when I have had over 40 calls from my
business associates in the Boston area claiming you guys are getting literally
screwed is very frustrating and a reflection on your league that is not good for
the game . The Mason Raymond no call ( Interference, holding , etc ) was the
turning point of this game !! The ref turned his head !! This injury is more
severe than your joke decision on Horton who is fine and will play again . Rhone
did not deserve 4 and Raymond deserved the courtesy of a call that would have
given Van a power play to offset a severe loss ……Then another joke call on
Sedin for unsportsmanlike conduct after being gooned by Chara ….It should have
started out with 2 power plays for the Canucks no matter which way you cut it
and that was the early outcome that set the tone !! And the late calls against
Boston who cares ?? It was over !! And don’t think it is all sour grapes of
being a Canuck fan ………I polled over a 1000 Boston Fans and they think the
officiating has been fine ……If I was a Boston fan i would agree
……..Rhone should be playing , it is unfortunate on Raymond’s injury but no
call when the puck is no where near him and the ref deliberately turns his head
but the Canucks will win and beat the refs and the league …..I go to all the
games in the USA And Canada and have watched cup series over and over and this
is the most
lopsided and inconsistent officiating / Suspension related playoff ever
……You better get it more consistent or Bowling will continue to be rated
above the NHL in the NHL Ratings ……Or is that why the Canucks have been
getting the short end of the stick . It is very obvious even in professional
eyes of many Bostonians . See you in Vancouver presenting the Cup to Henrik !!
If he can still Skate from Chara Chops that would be called during the regular
season ?? Again no consistency …..Henrik took 4 punches to the Head tonight by
Marchant ……If he retaliated they would have both gone !! So one gets away
with it !! No consistency !! I could go on and on ,and am not alone or perfect
in my analysis but when I get calls from Boston fans saying Wow are you guys
getting calls that we just did it makes you wonder on the direction and
integrity of the NHL and Mr. Bettman you are the President . Just my comments
without prejudice ….Good luck to both teams Wednesday

You think Gary heard the fans tonight??? So nice to hear vancouver auditorium booo gary while giving his presentation!!


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An Open Letter to the NHL and Gary Bettman

One of our dedicated readers – Mike Rink – sent us the following letter, which we really enjoyed and thought you would too:

Dear NHL Management, and Mr. Gary Bettman

I attended my first hockey game when I was 2 years old (a tilt between expansion partners Buffalo and Vancouver). Although my Dad swears it was a great game, I was asleep in his arms by the end of the 2nd period. Despite that inauspicious beginning, the seeds of rabid fandom were laid there, and over time they have grown and matured to the point where I consider myself an ardent NHL hockey fan. But, over the past 15-odd years, I’ve started to seriously question whether hockey actually cares about having me as a fan, nearly as much as I care about it. From skyrocketing ticket prices, to pay-per-view games, to the exorbitant price of jerseys, every year it becomes more and more expensive to be a fan, and yet I feel like, paradoxically, the more I spend the less the NHL actually wants me.

Over 15 years I’ve seen a concerted effort to pander to “casual” fans (glowing pucks, ridiculous game scheduling, and needless rule changes are just a few examples), while fervent supporters have been allowed to wither and die on the vine. I’ve suffered through this in silence trying to convince myself that the quality of the product on the ice made up for these other slights. And in the end, that’s what is most important – the sanctity of the greatest game on the planet. In other words, the fluff you toss towards casual fans (who will likely never be converted anyway) doesn’t bother me enough to leave as long as you ensure the game is safe-guarded.

What happened between Stephane Auger and Alex Burrows on GM Place’s ice on Jan. 10th was an absolute travesty, and I know hockey fans across Canada are livid that the very spirit of the game could be called into question. The fact that a referee’s personal grudge might’ve affected the outcome of game is absolutely the worst thing that could ever be accused. As fans, we need to know that what we’re watching is real; that two teams are battling each other on a level playing field for supremacy. Even a whiff of impropriety is a grievous, grievous warning sign. Even a hint of bias means all our passion (and dollars) count for exactly squat.

The NHL’s reaction to the allegations is downright insulting to fans. We’ve watched other sport’s governing bodies put their heads in the sand over controversies (notably steroids in baseball and referee gambling in basketball) and it makes me sick to my stomach that NHL brass would so eagerly follow suit. Your halfhearted attempt to resolve the dispute through a couple phone calls is not sufficient – this requires a serious inquiry. And yet you seem to be content to do as little as possible to avoid rocking the boat with your employees, even if it means fans can no longer trust what they see on the ice. I watched that game with my own eyes, and what happened there requires more investigation than you’ve bothered to make; fans are not satisfied, and that should be your primary concern.

Let’s make something clear – the fans are the only reason any of you have a job right now. Players, coaches, NHL staff, everyone relies on our continued passion for the NHL so you can feed your families. By effectively sweeping this under the rug, you’re slapping every fan across the face who has ever helped put bread on your table. Our wallets drive your business, and in my opinion that means you are accountable to us.

My reaction has absolutely nothing to do with being a Canucks fan, and everything to do with being a supporter of NHL hockey. As a die-hard fanatic, I need to know that every team contends on an even keel, and every game is decided by the players, and not officials; Mr. Bettman, you like to speak of parity, but I’m tempted to think you’re just paying lip service based on the NHL’s actions over the past few days.

I would strongly encourage you, Gary Bettman and NHL Management, to reconsider your course of action, and also apologize to every fan across the world who you’ve wronged today. Unfortunately, I think what makes me saddest is that I know this letter will do absolutely nothing – NHL management has proven time and again that they’re much more interested in protecting their interests than fan’s. We need reassurance that we’re watching fair games, and the NHL has not nearly done enough to provide us with that. My only hope is that this letter and others like it which have been written in the last few days will be enough to open some eyes, so we can avoid the same sort of scandal that has tainted baseball and basketball forever.

Mike Rink

Thanks Mike!

This whole situation kind of reminds us of Tim Donaghy from the NBA. Did you see his interview on “60 Minutes” in early December? He admits that refs held grudges against certain players and owners, and thus, would make sure those players had off nights by calling fouls weren’t fouls and vice versa… and thus, would help the opposing team win. In one part of the interview, Donaghy turns the tables on the NBA, saying that they intentionally extend playoffs series and favor larger market teams, in order to turn a greater profit. Hrmmm… anyone remember the Detroit vs. Pittsburgh finals series last year? And remember, Gary Bettman is a product of the NBA… think he may learned a few tricks of the trade from David Stern?

Gary Bettman has always stunk of crookedness… and that stink has just gotten much stronger.


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Predatory Ownership

We are all aware of the controversy surrounding the ‘Yotes ownership and the NHL’s insistence that the team stay in Glendale. But our mighty mousey Commish is doing double speak again and it’s time someone called him out on it. Now Mr. Jim and his $212 million bid has been rejected by Gary’s meager legal mind because, among other things, Jimmy was rejected by Gary’s homies; da board of governors. Now were this league a straight up fan-based sports league with years of ethical conduct one would accept the decision and respect the league’s findings. But…Whoa! We’re talking about the NHL. One must understand that Mr. Ballsillie was approved as an owner a few years back when the Pens were on the block. Of course, once Gary learned that JB wanted to eventually move the team to Canada, he put the brakes on that sale. Then when Jimmy wanted to buy the Preds, the mental midget stood (he has to stand or no one would see him) in again and made sure that “respectful” ownership was achieved with the sale to a group partnered with Boots Del Biaggio. Da BOG and Napoleonic numb-nuts consummated quite a deal for the Preds only to discover later that in fact Boots didn’t have any real money. Boots is now going to be making license plates for eight years and must find some way to pay back the $67 million in court ordered restitution. Now that’s the kind of owner the ‘Yotes need! Man, and here I was thinking the BOG and dim wit were just prejudice against Jimmy. They ain’t predjudice against JB; it’s just that he is too successful. Now if he could come up with a good Ponzi scheme, I bet dick weed would convince the board that he’s found the kind of owner the NHL needs. He would probably be enshrined in the HOF along with Samueli and Spano. Given the current situation in Phoenix, it would probably be a good idea to institute drug testing in the NHL, starting with the League offices, since it doesn’t appear shrimp dip is playing with a full deck.


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NHL vs. Balsillie

It looks like Jerry Reinsdorf’s group has pulled out of the bidding for the Phoenix Coyotes. All potential buyers had a deadline of yesterday (Tuesday, 8/25/09) to submit their offer. Reinsdorf’s group gave reasons for withdrawing their offer, such as “an unwilling seller” and “We have faced an organized publicity effort designed to provide negative and misleading information to interested parties,” … “Not only has this stymied negotiations, but it has eroded local market demand for Coyotes tickets, luxury boxes, and sponsorships.”
The only two offers that made it in before the deadline were Jim Balsillie’s $212 million to move the team to Hamilton, and an offer by the NHL. Financial details of the NHL’s offer have not been released at this point.

Judge Redfield T. Baum will now have to decide whether or not Balsillie’s offer is worthy and he is a capable owner, even though the NHL Board of Governors have turned him down with a vote of 26-0. If the Judge decides against Balsillie and favors the NHL and their offer, the NHL says that they will then sell the team to a private investor.

There will be a hearing on September 2nd to work through some documents that Balsillie has filed, including a provision that would allow him to walk away from his offer and the deal if thing are not settled by September 14th. The auction for the sale of the Coyotes is set for September the 10th.

Doesn’t this tell Bettman and the NHL anything?? NO ONE wanted to make an offer to keep the team in Phoenix. Can’t they get a clue??!! An NHL team cannot survive and thrive in Phoenix. Please stop making the other teams in this league financially support your bad decisions, and do what is right for the league, the sport of hockey, and its fans… LET BALSILLIE WIN and LET HIM MOVE THE TEAM TO HAMILTON where Canadian citizen live and breathe hockey.


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