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Wide World of Bettman

Update (01/27/08): If you missed last night’s “Ask Gary” segment on Hockey Night in Canada — where Gary Bettman took questions from hockey fans in Canada, live with Ron MacClean — you can watch it here. Nothing too new or exciting… but “Blue Skies” Bettman does strongly deny having any kind of role in keeping the Nashville Predators out of Hamilton, ON … even though there is strong evidence that suggests otherwise, including Craig Leipold taking $40 million less for the team than he could have gotten, which still has not been explained.
Bettman also states that the NHL is not considering any expansion… within Canada or the U.S. in the near future. One fan’s email in the segment asks about why the Red Wings are in the West… and Gary’s response is that if the Wings moved to the East, a team would have to move to the West, which no team is willing to do. But what if an expansion team were to be put in Las Vegas or Kansas City? We aren’t huge fans of the idea, but just want to point out that it is definitely a possibility… even though Gary Bettman always seems to avoid bringing up the possibility when questioned about expansion.

The NHL has announced it will open next season with two games in Europe. Oh boy; Jagr and Lecavalier to Prague and Sid and Alfredsson to Stockholm. Yeah, it’s not the teams that are important; Gary’s just pushin’ a few stars to get more exposure. “We’re all pretty excited about that” were uttered from the hole in his face. Typical Bettman; all cliche and no brain. (His “all” must have been in reference to lackies Bill or Colin.) Wonder how many Europeans get VS.? Yo Bettman, wake up! Starting the season in Winnipeg, Quebec City, Portland (OR), or even (heaven forbid) Hamilton would give you the greater exposure you are seeking in the market you are sadly neglecting; North America! (Don’t forget the “North” part, ay?) Paying –that’s right– paying ESPN to televise a game a week would also aid in this effort. You just have to start focusing on the game… not the “stars” who few people see. Sid ain’t the equivalent to the NBA’s Michael. Remember the NBA was accessible on television when Jordan played. I don’t believe Stern sent you to Europe, but many wish he would have sent you to the moon. Certainly, the sure fire way to create more fan excitement and to actually “grow” the game of hockey would be for you to submit your resignation. Do it dude!!!

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Gary’s Almost-Stars Game

Talk about crying in your beer! Sid and Hank are hurt, Roberto’s wife needs him more, and the Lake Webegone Channel is the flagship of the NHL. Gary still hasn’t a clue about what’s wrong with his marketing plan. This writer is wagering that this year’s game of stars will draw fewer viewers than last year’s abysmal showing. After all, Gary’s been betting the house on Sid da Kid and the channel without vowels that appears in every 500th household. Yes sir, Gary’s marketing is a real trend setter; all downward! And those attendance figures… The only great thing about attending an NHL game now is the fact that the lines to the bathroom are shorter. Thank you Gary! We love you for screwing up our favorite sport! Hope you and Craig L. enjoyed your little back-room tryst. ($40 mil loss for what favors?) Hey owners; how about installing a commissioner with a little integrity and intelligence? FIRE the PYGMY BRAIN!!!

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Ask Bettman about his ‘Wild’ decisions…

Update: You can listen to the NHL Hour from this past Thursday (01/17/08) by clicking here (MP3 file). The RSS feed for these podcasts is

Gary Bettman is really putting himself out there these days… his NHL Hour XM Radio show will be on again today (1/17/08) at 4p.m.. You can listen to the live stream at that time, or tune into XM Radio channel 204. Your questions and comments can be sent to or called in at 1-877-645-6696. Willie O’Ree, the first black (African-Canadian) player in the NHL and current NHL Director of Youth Development, will be Bettman’s guest today.

Apparently, Bettman doesn’t feel like he’s heard enough criticism, or feels like he hasn’t addressed all of the criticism thoroughly… because he will also be taking your questions following the NHL’s YoungStars competitions on January 26th on the CBC’s ‘Hockey Night in Canada’. You will be able to send in your questions and comments via email to

So start getting those questions and comments together and let the commish know that you are truly concerned about what he has done to our favorite sport and league, and that we think the NHL can do much better!.

You might want to ask Bettman about the purchase of the Minnesota Wild by former Nashville Predators owner Craig Leipold. As you may recall, it was just over a month ago that Mr. Leipold officially ended up taking about $40 million less for the Predators from a ‘local investment group’ (which includes outsider William “Boots” Del Biaggio who will most likely move the team to Kansas City), than what he could have gotten from Canadian billionaire Jim Balsillie. It was rumored and highly speculated that Balsillie would have moved the team to Hamilton, ON. However, Gary Bettman had a very strong hand in keeping Balsillie out of the picture, and the Predators in Nashville, even though accomplished businessman and owner Leipold could have made off with over $40 million more if he had sold to Balsillie.

The fact that Leipold is now majority owner of one of the most successful teams in the NHL, less than a month later, makes this whole deal seem a bit fishy to us, and to others. Did Bettman promise Leipold the team of his choice or a successful NHL team if he agreed not to sell to Balsillie? It is reported that Leipold put up around $250 million for the Wild… so did the NHL somehow cover that extra $50 million or so for Leipold (after the $193 million he sold the Predators for)? Is this how the NHL revenue sharing system works? We’ll pat your back with everyone else’s money if you keep doing things the way we want you to? It seems like the first places to check would be on the NHL’s, Leipold’s and former Wild owner Bob Naegele’s bank account statements. You would think the commissioner of a professional sports league would be smarter than this… but remember, this is Gary Bettman we’re talking about. Sometimes power, money and ego can cloud one’s thought and rationale.

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NHL Hour with Bettman and Colin Campbell

Update: To listen to the NHL hour from today (01/10/08), please click here (MP3 file). The RSS feed for these podcasts is

Gary BettmanToday’s (01/10/08) guest on “NHL Hour” with Gary Bettman will be Colin Campbell, the NHL Senior Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations. The show airs at 4p.m. EST on XM Radio channel 204, or you can listen through the NHL’s live stream. You can call your questions/comments in at 1-877-645-6696 or e-mail So get some tough questions ready!!
We will post a link to the NHL’s podcast of the show later today.

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NHL Hour with Gary Bettman – 01/03/08

Gary BettmanIf you missed the first NHL Hour with Gary Bettman of 2008, you can listen to it here. The NHL is now providing podcasts of the show. The RSS feed for the podcasts is

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