Bettman finally busted?

Elliotte Friedman over at CBC Sports alluded to no one’s favorite mental midget being on his last short leg as negotiations collapsed this past week. According to Friedman, Yo-yo man better start practicing to play a stand-up cello. - a site dedicated to getting rid of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman - is for sale. Click here. From Friedman we get “All of this is why there is no way Bettman is ever going to be able to present the Stanley Cup once again.” Apparently several owners have had enough of the ceaseless spurts and stops in the CBA negotiations and don’t blame Don Fehr for all the acrimony. Shorty showed up at the podium the other night after negotiations broke down with his panties all in a wad and spewed venom about the process. When a reporter mentioned the lack of trust between the league and the PA, our little Napoleon responded with “I don’t understand what that word means”. Of course he doesn’t! He’s a lawyer! (Note how close lawyer sounds like liar.)

The fact is Ding-dong doesn’t trust anybody taller than him. Especially someone a lot taller; like Donald Fehr. While Stern’s former lackey distrusts the PA, one can only suspect he’s scared to death of a big man in the room. When the players asked for their union head to join them as they believed a deal was close, the league responded with a “no-way Jose” . According to the Jets’ defenseman Ron Hainsey “the inclusion of Fehr was a deal-breaker”. Remember – Lawyer! This idea of bringing players in to negotiate with the business owners was numb-nuts. One can only think that shit-for-brains’ scheme of overwhelming the attending players with owners who are experienced negotiators would wind up with a favorable conclusion for the league (or at least what’s left of it). Whoops, the players want to bring in Fehr to see if they’re looking at an equitable solution and BAM!!!, that’s the deal breaker?

The dwarfed dolt then instructed his former less-than-competent disciplinarian to leave a voice mail on Steve Fehr’s phone. Voice mail! The vertically challenged nincompoop can’t even speak to Fehr on the phone! “Just call and leave a message for his brother” speaks volumes about the nutty gnome’s inability to personally interact with people. And… why these negotiations will be the dumbo shrimp’s last. Owners and players are tired of his failure to get a new CBA in place, again.

If Friedman’s prediction comes to fruition, maybe we’ll all get to see hockey for more than a few season’s in a row without the worthless little (insert your favorite expletive here).

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1 Response to “Bettman finally busted?”

  1. 1 Blues fan Jan 10th, 2013 at 8:32 am

    After much thought (probably more than the NHL is worth….) I would love to say that I could stop watching and not care, but I have accepted that I am in a bad relationship and cannot leave my abuser. Therefore, here is my coping plan:

    -Attend no games for the rest of this season. (They took half the season from me, so I am going to take half the season from them)
    -Attend no playoff games for this season see rational from above.
    -Purchase no NHL merchandise until 2013-2014 season starts
    -Finally, given I will not be able to “not watch” or “not care” I need to put my enthusiasm and dollars to good use. Therefore, all games that I want to attend, I plan to watch at a local bar or resturant that suffered as a result of the Bettman/Fehr dick swinging contest. If there is anyone that deserves/needs my money, is it the waitress or bartender that missed several paychecks!

    Then all is forgiven for the 2013-2014…..GO BLUES

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